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Datum: Samstag, 16.06.2018 Location: Tresor Berlin Ort: 10179 Berlin Straße: Köpenicker Straße 70
Live: VC-118A (Frustrated Funk, Radio Matrix/ NL)
Delta Funktionen (Delsin, Radio Matrix/ Berlin)
Rhyw (Arcing Seas, Fever AM/ Berlin)
REKA (Tresor.Berlin)

Helena Hauff (Return to Disorder, PAN/ Hamburg)
Sunil Sharpe (Earwiggle, Sheworks/ Dublin)
Delta Funktionen (Delsin, Radio Matrix/ Berlin)
RA: https://www.residentadvisor.net/events/1114888


2018 sees Niels Luinenburg aka Delta Funktionen land his official residency at Tresor, Berlin. With this sees the birth of a new concept night going by the name "Let's Watch UFO's"

"versatility is no doubt something that we hold much value for and this can be seen within the curation of these nights"

2 floors of music and a journey into outer space > Delta Funktionen will dig deep into his record collection to spread a serious message that music is for everyone and timeless music is never forgotten

Delta Funktionen will OPEN Tresor floor and CLOSE Globus floor delivering music from all corners of the sound spectrum

Joining Delta Funktionen downstairs, Hamburg native and highly esteemed DJ and producer, Helena Hauff. She has been extremely busy touring lately and is one of the few DJs left who still plays almost all vinyl. A deep appreciator of Punk music which reflects in her selection and style, she really has the ability to move a crowd and get the heads banging.

Bringing the heat, another vinyl only master, Sunil Sharpe completes the lineup for the Tresor floor. The Irishman is easily of the most skilled vinyl DJs out there carefully selecting music spanning 3 decades and leaving you time and time again with your jaw to the floor.

Globus floor will be opened by Berlin resident REKA, who has time and time again proven why she's a long standing club resident who can play sounds fitting both in Globus and the sweaty basement (Tresor).

The only LIVE set of the night is the Dutch native and fellow artist from Delta Funktionen's label RADIO MATRIX - - the impressive sound artist VC-118A.

Following is Berlin-based artist RHYW (alter-ego of Alex Tsiridis from Arcing Seas & Cassegrain). The last few months has seen him release solo EPs on Tar Hallow, Arcing Seas and his new label Fever AM as well as a contribution to legendary Tbilisi club, Bassiani.

Finally, and no better DJ to close the night in Globus on this occasion >> Delta Funktionen.