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Certain People

Datum: Mittwoch, 28.11.2018 Location: Berghain - Panorama Bar Ort: 10243 Berlin Straße: Am Wriezener Bahnhof
Berghain | Certain People: Kiddy Smile (live) | MYSS KETA (live) | CATNAPP (live)
28. November 2018 | Einlass: 20:00 / Doors: 8 pm | Beginn: 21 Uhr / Start: 9pm | Eintritt ab 18 Jahre! / x-rated | Bitte beachtet das Fotografieverbot / Please respect our no-photos policy

Tickets: http://bit.ly/CertainPeopleNov

Certain People (dt.: ‚gewisse Leute‘, in Anlehnung an einen Songs Morrisseys) stellt einerseits etablierte Künstler vor, die abseits des Pop-Mainstreams operieren und legt andererseits großes Augenmerk auf musikalische Entdeckungen.

Kiddy Smile

Kiddy Smile was raised in a housing project in Rambouillet (Yvelines) to the southwest of Paris. His teenage years were rather rowdy, but he soon acquired a taste for dancing. He appeared in a few music videos, especially George Michael’s ‘An Easier Affair’, and moved from Rambouillet to Paris. He took dancing lessons and discovered Sylvester and Grace Jones – who, he says, shaped his personality. Before beginning his musical career, Kiddy Smile was a fashion stylist (a love passed on to him by his mother). Among his influences, he cites African-American genres such as gospel and hip-hop, 90s Chicago and Detroit music, the voguing movement and the New York house ballroom scene.


M¥SS KETA is the angel that wears sunglasses, always veiled. Her hidden identity is the best way to say the truth, because ‘not having a face allows to have a bit of M¥SS in each of us’.
Performer, rapper with a punk attitude, pop icon and definitive diva. M¥SS KETA is from Milan, and it couldn’t be otherwise. As a true leader she leads a squat that goes by the name of ‘the girls from Porta Venezia’, eager girls as Varla’s ones in ‘Faster, Pussycat! Kill,Kill!’ by Russ Meyer. More seductive but less dangerous. With her girls, M¥SS KETA, sets on fire the stages of the biggest festivals and club of Italy in a jubilation of techno, house, dubstep, rap that it feels like it’s coming straight out of her body. Her glittered and extremely high heels bang deep bases. A true priestess of the night that hypes up her devotee through her sacrilegious, excessive and radically hyperrealistic words. Her live shows are extrasensory experiences, her lyrics the x-ray of a nation.


If you’re sick of musical comfort zones, here’s a strong antidote. Catnapp is the guise of Argentinian artist Amparo Battaglia, the newest signing on Monkeytown Records. Doing her very own thing since many years, the Berlin based producer, singer/rapper and striking performer has (self-)released a couple of records full of boundless creativity and originality, taking whatever she needs from every electronic genre as well as pop and rap music. Her new EP, titled Fear, surely is her most focused and on point release yet, but still boasts an untamed DIY aesthetic on five tracks ranging from grim slowcore trap to bright-eyed futurist R&B.

DJ-Set by Hossbach w/o Balzer