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Tresor New Faces

Datum: Mittwoch, 27.11.2019 Location: Tresor Berlin Ort: 10179 Berlin Straße: Köpenicker Straße 70
The new faces Wednesday slot brings you techno from the far corners of the globe, many times not exactly new to the world but most of the time new to Berlin. The DIY Project is associated with Shaded Explorations, the intimate label of S/EXP (Shaded Explorer) where you’ll be surrounded by introspective explorations through sounds and soundscapes that will bring you in desolate lands or in deep blue cenotes. It’s focused on ambient, field recordings and avant-garde techno. Viktor Apostolski who plays simply as Apostolski is from Macedonia and plays good, solid and relentless techno that is finely-tuned appropriately for the Tresor basement sound. Both artists are given a warm welcome by our host resident DJ Stojche.