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I Love EU? - A Performative Examination of the EU

Datum: Freitag, 09.12.2022 Location: English Theatre Berlin Ort: 10965 Berlin Straße: Fidicinstraße 40
I Love EU?
A Performative Examination of the EU

Can the European Union be an inspiration for a peaceful postnational world? Is it the non plus ultra expression of what the continent learned from two world wars? Or is it an incredibly strained construct that falls apart at the first signs of a crisis? How does a Eurocentric view differ from that of the increasing number of people forced to leave their homelands and gather at the borders of Europe and the EU in hopes of survival and a dignified existence?

Four performers explore these questions using 50 interviews conducted with EU citizens and non-EU citizens to create an open and interactive evening of theater.

In English and other languages