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Cologne Fine Art

Datum: Sonntag, 25.11.2018 Location: Kölnmesse Halle 1 + 2 Ort: 50679 Köln Straße: Messeplatz 1
Kunst- und Antiquitätenmesse

Excellent beyond time. Beautiful beyond borders.

Only that which is truly excellent, exceptional and extraordinary will be
able to stand the test of time – which can also be said for art fairs.
The Cologne Fine Art emerged from the Westdeutsche
Kunstmesse, which was founded in 1970. It is thus one of the world’s
shows for old art, modern art, applied art and design with the richest

The Cologne Fine Art invites its guests to delve into a
crossover of styles and eras that is truly unique in Germany.

About 100 selected galleries and dealers present master pieces from
Europe and around the globe. Discover art, handicrafts and jewellery in
an inspiring interplay with furniture and accessories in an open and
elegant atmosphere.

Enjoy timelessly beautiful objects and feel the inspirational plethora
of art.

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