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Sudanese Peace Music Festival

Datum: Samstag, 13.07.2019 Location: Hafen 2 Ort: 63067 Offenbach Straße: Nordring 129
The Sudanese Peace Music Festival - 13 July - 63067 Offenbach, Germany

Is an event to raise awareness of the tragedy currently unfolding in Sudan, and in support of a global call for a peaceful transition to civilian rule.

To celebrate the universality of human rights we are organizing this open-air music event. It is not meant to be overly political – or even expressing certain political opinions – more of a standing in for basic human rights, being able to live in peace, promotion of diversity and denouncing of racism in every form.
Our vision is to give musicians and Sudanese artists a stage to perform in front of a hopefully very enthusiastic crowd. So that we can all appreciate the gift of life and enjoy a festival of peace. We expect a couple of hundred people to attend this free festival.